Association for the Scientific Study of Consciousness.
Taipei meeting 2008.

Abstract: In the last 20 years the study of human consciousness has caused many
controversies in the philosophical and neuroscientific communities. However not many
musicians, philosophers, or scientists have thought and written about human musical
consciousness. This paper looks into some basic philosophical proposals (more so
than neuroscientific) related to individual musical consciousness  from the point of view
of the subjective experience.

We will show that human musical consciousness is plastic, and that this plasticity
depends on listening and on a reflexive process. We will insist on the interaction
between the human body with itself and with the external world, and propose in
philosophical terms that music is essential to establishing a relationship with the Other
and for the survival of humankind as an acoustic species. We will also see that the
study of human musical consciousness will bring us closer to a possible
comprehension of  human consciousness in general.

Keywords: consciousness, cortex, neurons, listening, subjectivity, experience of
listening, subjective experience, qualia, biography, integration of consciousness