phc ? so many questions... good!
post-human consciousness

i love my kids 'cause they are extraordinary human
beings, not because they are my kids.

do u hav to luv ur own flesh and blood?

what is blood after all ?

what a drag, right ?

what have we done ?

we got out of the swamp and we dried up the
water in us.

artificial networks embrace our neuronal networks.

¿que es un cuerpo modificado?

what is a modified body?

do my body parts process information ?

is it just information ?

is information
disembodied? how do we deal with
can we transfert human consciousness to a hard
drive?  - so, was descartes right ?

if mind and body are two separated entities, could
my mind take over my body and make it obsolete ?

is consciousness an epiphenomenon?

my consciousness extends itself to this page -
from my microtubules to this silicon-made stuff

can i upload it ? would that be a liberation? was i
sentenced to interface?

my minded robot (or cyborg?) sent me to hell when
i asked him to bring me a cup of tea - tanxs manuel.

does this
robot have the same goal than me?

and now,  can we talk about emotions with our
fellow cybernetic compadres ?

should i consider my body as a
prosthesis ? can i
get a new one, and one that looks more fun ? with
wires and chips and stuff?

does my body belong to me - or to society?

if it's there - out of my body - it's knowledge, if not,
it doesn't exist.

will we get together in a virtual cortex? (roy ascot
no, i don't think dualism will do it.
my mind is my body, from toes to top.
who wants to free the mind from the body?
neo-cartesians ashamed by their flesh, willing to sacrifice everything for an
utopic virtuality?
why should we think that cyberspace will allow our disembodiment?
the sharing of banality, just an egalitarian deception...
my body and my conciousness are interacting with others in cyberspace. so, i
can't really obliterate my senses - or can i ?
after all, tomorrow morning, my phenomenal body/consciousness, once again
reconfigurated by my nightly wanderings, will be there.
is it a transition to ?, or just a reaffirmation of our human condition?
can we regulate multiple subjectivities in
a distant virtual cortex ?
does our diluted self need a coagulant?
to the glory of our DNA ?
how does it FEEL to be a cyborg ? how would mirror neurons
behave between human and ph?
can cyborgs have a new kind of imagination?
can neurosurgeons create a new form of feeling?
doc, can u make me feel like my cat?
dna and flesh for sale?
honey, no tuxedo tonight, let's wear a computer
ha ha ha.!
manifiesto de preguntas poshumanas -
dudas, preguntas: tenemos que partir de la filosofía
global brain, any-somewhere?
ai / structural consciousness
enhanced biological humans
uploaded stuff
sapient uplift
what about mental consciousness?
is the total control of human bodies by posthuman minds a white supremacist utopy ?
Can I become a synthetic artificial intelligence?

Does an
enhanced organism mean the formulation of
new spatial metaphors? Will hearing better, seeing
better, help us appreciate arts ? Is the notion of
progress applicable to our senses ? Progress
towards what ? If we enhance the human condition
and the human organism, will we enhance
consciousness ?

No way you can upload your mind/consciousness,
says one
. It's not a cockpit avec son siege ejectable!  
My mind/consciousness is not an object.  Basta with
the mind-body dichotomy.

maybe we could try with molecular
Might work after all, says the other

If structural consciousness is a matter of
microtubules (Hameroff + Penrose), can
create consciousness ?
OK, I'm dead. Neurocryopreservation; only the
head please !
If someone un/defreeze my brain, will that
un/defreeze my consciousness?
So, you say religions are obsolete. Fine. But
replace them with science, and then what ?
it's too easy to talk exclusively about a possible post-human body and disregard consciousness as it didn't exist.
Electronic Mutagenesis